Less fuel, more power

green efficiency by Komptech is an innovation programme that gives our machines lower consumption and higher performance, and uses the latest exhaust scrubbing technologies. The reward is twofold: Our customers save on operating costs, and the environment - and with it all of us - benefits from reduced CO2 emissions and resource use.

The most important feature of this programme is higher efficiency in drive, shredding and material discharge, giving higher output per unit energy used and thus reducing specific energy consumption. Behind it are spectacular solutions like the new direct mechanical drive on the Crambo, and ideas that build on and improve existing features such as the efficient friction-wheel drum drive on the Cribus.
The green efficiency concept also incorporates the latest exhaust-scrubbing technology, reduced noise emissions and measures that make the machines generally more efficient in use, like faster maintenance, longer-lasting wear parts and much more. And we don’t stop there. If a machine is able to do the jobs of two or more other machines, that’s also green efficiency - because it saves all of the resources, energy and work that would have gone into the production and operation of the other machine.

Different Komptech green efficiency machines use different large and small innovations, but they all share one thing - they are substantially more efficient than the current state of the art. Of course it goes without saying that we make no compromises in throughput, functionality or range of applications. We never stop examining our product range for ways to improve it. And of course green efficiency criteria are a central element in the development of all new machines. We have set ourselves an ambitious goal - by 2020 the entire Komptech product range will meet green efficiency standards.

  • Crambo direct

    • Mechanical gearbox with the functionality of a hydraulic drive
    • Diesel engine with current exhaust technology
    • Newly designed engine compartment with maintenance access points on the outside of the machine
    • Quick change screen basket cartridge system
    • Improved drive components and new acoustic design of the engine compartment
  • Terminator direct

    • Mechanical gearbox with two manually shifted speeds, reversing function and overload protection
    • Electric drive
    • Newly developed counter comb
    • Improved manufacturing process for wear parts (F drum teeth)
  • Axtor 6010

    • Active feed system and efficient cutting geometry for lower fuel consumption
    • Diesel engine with current exhaust technology
    • Ideal positioning of engine for reduction of noise emissions
    • One machine - two functions: Powerful shredder and full-value chipper
  • Multistar

    • Electric drive of all components (screen drum, conveyors)
    • Hybrid drive: Power from the grid or generated with the on-board diesel generator
    • Fines discharge system with corrugated edge belt
    • Changeable screen decks for different machine configurations
  • Cribus

    • Electrical drive of all components (screen drum, conveyors)
    • Hybrid drive: Drive power from diesel generator or grid power
    • New drum design with larger diameter
    • WheelGrip® power transfer
    • Hopper belt drive on the drum intake side
  • Hurrifex

    • Combination of two separate machines in one unified design
    • Electric drive of all components (fans, conveyors)
    • Hybrid drive: Power from the grid or generated with the on-board diesel generator

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