Because opportunity needs talent

At Komptech, we as a team are constantly working on possible solutions for a more sustainable future. This challenge helps us to grow every day.

Working at Komptech

Focus on health

Thanks to regular fruit deliveries, around 50 kilograms of fruit are consumed at the Frohnleiten location – and around 1,385 liters of coffee.

50 kilograms of fruit

Running for a charitable cause

This year, as part of the Wings for Life World Run, our employees jointly ran 220 kilometers for charitable causes.

220 kilometers

Eternal connections

Well over 300 weddings are celebrated at Komptech every year. This means the “eternal connection” of the pre-assembled drive unit with the respective machine chassis. Weddings of colleagues come on top.

300 weddings

Great achievement

The combination of work and education leads to great success. One example for this is Christoph Moritz, who won three awards for his master’s thesis “Virtual modeling for optimizing a screening machine”.

3 awards

Stronger together

Every day, 750 employees at 4 locations are looking for possibilities to make the world greener in cooperation with our customers.

750 employees


Working flexibly

By using flexitime and working from home, the work day can be as flexible as possible and as structured as necessary – for an ideal work-life balance.

Education opportunities

We consider life-long learning to be a chance to actively shape change and therefore we invest in our employees, for example by providing training and education.

Fruit basket and coffee

Twice a week, a fresh fruit basket awaits our employees and provides them with vitamins. Additionally, free coffee and a lunch allowance are provided.

Employee events

Events such as the Christmas party, the barbecue for the entire family or joint participation in sports events provide fun and social cohesion – inside and outside the office.

Promotion of health

In addition to our “Komptech in Motion” fitness program, our company physician and the subsidy for private health insurance help to keep our employees in good health.

EV charging stations

To support our employees in commuting more sustainably, charging stations for electric vehicles are provided free of charge.

Family-friendly company

Family-friendliness and employee orientation have always been a focus at Komptech. The motivation and satisfaction of our colleagues are the most important ingredients for our success. A large number of activities and initiatives aimed at increasing the well-being of our employees are established for years. With the ’Beruf und Familie’ Audit, we have re-evaluated these offerings and given them a new status. They have now become more visible and we can continue to expand more offerings in a structured and needs-oriented manner as well as developing new ideas.

beruf und familie

Our employees

Our employees not only work on strengthening the companies of our more than 4,000 customers around the world, but also on providing a sustainable contribution to the environment. Why are these two goals important to them, which challenges do they have to master and what do they enjoy about it? Here they tell us all about it.


Rene Straßmaier, Testing Center

“In my area of expertise, theory and practice can be perfectly combined: When working in the field, I get direct feedback from the customers, and, at the end of the day, the most important part of my work is to find solutions for technical challenges. My tasks change with each project assigned to me.“


Claudia Hofbauer, Rental & Used

“The environment is the basis of our livelihood. It is therefore our duty to protect it for the generations to come. At Komptech, I can make a valuable contribution to this goal, while being provided with the trust and flexibility that I need to live a fulfilling life as a single mother.“


Christoph Moritz, Department Manager Development

“Nature is close to my heart. I want it to be conserved in as good a condition as possible and it is important to me to make a personal contribution to this end. Doing this in an innovative environment where we advance sophisticated technologies makes my work particularly interesting.”


Phillip Hold, Field Service

“My tasks vary because I am constantly working on the challenges of our national and international customers. Not only does this make my work interesting, but also the fact that I am making a contribution to the environment. After all, my children should also find a planet as beautiful as mine.”


Nina Jöller, Assistance Administration

“What’s interesting about my job is that I meet new personalities every day, because each of our visitors has individual behavior patters and some are from different nations. Communicating and responding to the person can therefore be a challenge, but it also makes my work interesting and varied.“


Stefan Höfler, Department Manager Screening & Separation

“In technology in particular, the requirements of the customers and markets change quickly – one has to react flexibly. This not only promotes personal development, but also creates a great work atmosphere.”


Jürgen Haßler, Head of Research & Development

„I like working at Komptech because with my work I can make a valuable contribution to a sustainable environment.“

During vocational training at Komptech, the focus is on practical experience: Therefore the trainees actively work with us from day one. To this end, an experienced colleague is by their side. They thus get to know their vocation from the ground up and become experts in their field.

During a vacation job or internship, school learners get first impressions of the professional world. They gain practical experience and get to know their interests and strengths. This helps with the decision-making regarding the type of career to pursue in the future and prepares them for the work life.

Regardless of whether in addition to their studies, or in the form of a thesis project, students are given the opportunity to directly implement what they’ve learned. Our close relationship with universities and technical colleges in the field of research is of particular benefit.