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Energy from organic waste
Fermentation is the most economically and ecologically viable treatment method for a range of organic waste. Clean energy is produced from the decomposed organic material and compost and liquid fertiliser from the fermentation residue. But packaging, contaminants and inert waste prevent direct introduction into the fermentation process.

Processing solutions for wet fermentation
By using the right shredding and separation technologies, heavily contaminated market waste and expired food can be recycled alongside bio-waste and food residues. The Komptech pulper process turns waste in three steps - Shredding - Pulping - Wet screening - into a pumpable liquid for wet fermentation.

  • Process Steps

    Plant design

    The process chain comprises shredders, pulpers, screens, presses and further separation technologies as needed. The result is a pumpable, low-contrary substrate for the fermenter. The package includes all machinery including installation and commissioning.

  • Process Steps


    Packaged, non-homogenous or lumpy waste necessitates pre-shredding. Slow-running shredders which break down the material thoroughly are used. Shredding with the dual-shaft shredder Crambo provides the optimum size for the largest fraction and reliable opening of packaging and containers.

  • Process Steps


    The key component of the treatment stage is the transfer of the organics into the liquid phase. The pulper used performs several tasks. In batch operation, the organics are shredded further and homogenised in the process water. Packaging is emptied and cleansed by the high flow speed. At the same time, heavy material is separated off through a sluice.

  • Process Steps


    Raw substrate exits the pulper onto a Multistar star screen, connected downstream. The liquid with the  suspended organic material flows through the star screen and is collected in a tray from where it is pumped, via sand separation, into the collection tank. Oversized particles are discharged via the star screens and water is removed in a press.

  • Process Steps


    After sand separation and hygenisation the fermentation substrate exhibits ideal properties for simple fermentation. Adding of additional liquid waste is possible. The ideal reactor system is based upon the on-site conditions and kind and quality of the processed waste.

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