The Task at Hand

Renewable energy from biomass
Solid biomass is intended to make a major contribution to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies. However, to reach the ambitious goals for heating and energy generation from woody biomass, it will need to be made available in large amounts. In keeping with our slogan, "Technology for a better environment", we have taken up the challenge of finding ways to do this.

Additional revenues in a new business area
Using the right shredding and separation technology, fuel mature enough for the marketplace can be generated from green waste (from gardening and landscaping) root stocks, logs, and untreated waste wood. This way, companies previously operating in the disposal business can transform themselves into energy suppliers.

  • Process Steps

    Coarse shredding with low-speed

    "As coarse as possible - as fine as necessary" - that´s the secret of efficient processing. The right application for the robust universal wood shredder Crambo, producing the proper particle size for further processing with screen baskets of 250 mm or even larger. The low-speed gives a high level of insensitivity to contraries.

  • Process Steps

    Shredding with high-speed

    A fuel with a coarse structure can be generated from woody green waste, clean waste wood and forest wood residue by shredding with the general-purpose Axtor wood-shredder. Simply exchanging the free swinging tools for fixed tools converts the Axtor into a powerful chipping machine for logs.

  • Process Steps

    Composting phase on demand

    With green waste having a high leaf or grass content, adding a further rotting process with triangular windrows is a sensible option. After around two weeks with frequent turning, green parts are largely decomposed and the material moisture is reduced.

  • Process Steps

    Screening with a star screen

    A fine fraction, a medium fraction and a coarse fraction are produced in one screen operation. The medium fraction generally represents the usable fuel sample. The fines are processed to compost and the coarse particles are brought back to shredding.

  • Process Steps

    Cleaning of end product

    If required plastic is separated by a Hurrikan windsifter, metals are removed by Fe-separation and stones are eliminated by a Stonefex stone separator. The new Hurrifex does both tasks in one step.

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