The Task at Hand

Mechanical treatment as the foundation for recycling
The reuse of materials and energy from waste is central to modern waste management. The foundation for it is laid by mechanical preparation in the form of waste splitting.
In it, recyclables are recovered from the waste stream and high-yield combustibles are separated out for further processing as refusederived fuels (RDF). The remaining residue fraction can be stabilized and then landfilled.

Efficient solutions for complex tasks
The process technology developed by Komptech revolves around shredding, screeing and separating. Low-speed shredders with adjustable degree of shredding generate a homogeneous material stream at the desired particle size.
Following shredding a range of technologies can be deployed, depending on the specific material and conditions. These include all-purpose drum screens, ballistic separators with rotating screen elements to separate flat from three-dimensional fractions, or disc screens that work efficiently even with material that tends to wrap and tangle.

  • Process Steps


    Pre-shredding must bring the input material down to a homogeneous particle size and prevent problematic overlengths for subsequent processing stages. A high level of resistance to contraries is just as important.The single-shaft shredder Terminator addresses these requirements in a perfect way.

  • Process Steps

    Screening Drum screen

    Robust, reliable drum screens separate the shred into over and undersize fractions. Thanks to Komptech’s wide range of screens, there is a model for virtually any application. Star screens are used to clear contraries from organic waste.

  • Process Steps

    Screening Disc screens

    The Flowerdisc represents a further technology for the screening of pre-shredded commercial, bulky and biowaste, a technology which combines high throughput, selectivity and resistance to contamination. Material is transported by shafts with rugged steel discs working on the disc screen principle.

  • Process Steps


    The Ballistor has proven its ability to separate out light, mostly high-calorific materials as well as heavy contraries. The new stationary Hurrifex combines a stone separator and windsifter for plastic film in a single machine.

  • Process Steps

    Separation of recycables

    Potential recyclables, or fractions high in calorific value, can be separated off from the rolling fraction for postshredding using inductive and optical sorting systems. After Iron/Non-iron separation the remaining fraction is again fed to the shredder.

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