The Task at Hand

Material recycling
Waste wood of varying quality and origin (debris, packaging material, demolition material, etc.) can be processed to recycle as a material or for use as an energy source. The most common use of recycled wood is for particle board and similar materials.

Energy recovery
Waste wood that is not suitable for recycling can be Waste to generate electrical energy or heat. Untreated wood can be used as a fuel in virtually any biomass heating plant, but wood that has been treated (painted, coated, impregnated or otherwise contaminated) can be fired only in plants with the right combustion processes and exhaust scrubbers.

  • Process Steps


    Whether for material recycling or energy recovery, the first step in processing is almost always shredding. The low-speed Crambo preshredder is ideal for treated wood due its high resistance to contraries. For highly contaminated wood, the Terminator universal shredder is an ideal alternative. Untreated waste wood can be shredded directly with the high-speed Axtor.

  • Process Steps


    After optional separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the output is screened to remove overlengths and fines from the usable fraction. This is a job for Multistar star screens. Drum screens and Flowerdisc disc screens can also be used.

  • Process Steps


    If post-shredding is required as a further step, the powerful, high-speed Axtor shredder is a good choice. Its active intake, tough blades and quick-change screen baskets make it ideal for the task.

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