Magazine 1/2016

Heidi and Peter Meier and the power of the sun. At a composting facility in Bavaria, a mobile Crambo runs on the electricty produced on-site by a photovoltaic system.

November 30, 2015

Extract of content: 

With the power of the sun.
Heidi and Peter Meier have a mobile but electrically powered Crambo.
It gets its electricity from their own photovoltaic system.
A model city in Bavaria.
The organic waste digester in Rehau is state of the art.
So is its systems technology from Komptech.
A challenge and an opportunity.
Resource efficiency is something you hear a lot about these days.
How Komptech sees it, and what we’re doing about it.
Ahead of their time
The Loreki company in the south of France has forward-looking ideas.
And its employees have a stake in them.
The new Multistar S3.
Six reasons why you´ll love the new Multistar S3.
Chop it up, chip it down.
Waste wood material reclamation is more and more important.
Komptech tested its own machines in an in-house chip-off.
„Certified used” by Komptech.
Komptech now offers Certified Used machines.
Quality without compromise.
From Cattle to Compost.
It was a ranch. Now it's a compost plant.
The transformation of Silver Spring Organics.