25 Years of Komptech = 25 Month Warranty

25 Years of Komptech - a tradition of environmental technology

March 01, 2017

Way back in 1992 Komptech developed the first compost turning machine. Since then the company has gone in just one direction: rapid growth. Today over 40 distributors the world over sell our dark green machines for waste and biomass processing. During these 25 years, with a sense of great social responsibilities Komptech has focused on two core values – constant innovation and perfect customer service.

25 Month Warranty

For our 25th anniversary we’ve planned some exciting promotion campaigns, which we will keep our customers informed of on the website and in our newsletter. We’ll start with the “25 Month Warranty” campaign for all new mobile machines. Because there are things you can’t have too much of, and warranty coverage is one of them. For machines purchased during the campaign, we’ll extend the regular warranty period to 25 months or 2500 operating hours, whichever comes first. You get lots of carefree time to concentrate fully on working with your Komptech machine. Naturally we won’t leave you alone after that, but always focus on providing the best solutions for our customers.

  • Campaign period: 1 Mar. 2017 - 31 Aug. 2017
  • Warranty period 25 months or 2500 operating hours
  • Warranty valid upon delivery
  • Our general Terms and Conditions apply
  • Service and maintenance by an authorized Komptech employee or partner