A perfect match

Danish utility FFV Energi & Miljø A/S has found the perfect match. It has fallen in love with a Terminator 5000 that helps the company in recycling waste like old sofas, carpets, mattresses and old Christmas trees, while saving money and creating new revenue streams.

November 13, 2015

Back in the spring of 2014 a big flatbed from Danish Komptech dealer Aksel Benzin A/S took exit 167 on the island of Funen in Denmark to deliver a new Komptech Terminator 5000 to FFV Energi & Miljø A/S. FFV supplies district heating, electricity, water, waste water, waste collection and recycling services. The new Terminator was set to work immediately at FFV’s recycling site at the town of Ringe.

A lot to do
“Since we knew we would be getting the Terminator we had let waste pile up, so it has plenty to do. Even after it has worked through the backlog there will be no lack of jobs for it, so we can utilize it 100 percent during normal shifts,” explains FFV’s CFO Jes Knudsen.

A commuting Terminator
FFV’s Terminator gets around, commuting on a flatbed between FFV’s four recycling sites spread over 637 square kilometres. The shredder is painted in FFV’s fresh lime green colour, so it really brightens up the recycling centres. “We are very satisfied with our Terminator. It has kept the promises we got from Aksel Benzin A/S,” explains FFV-CEO Claus Mogensen. The Terminator 5000 is a low-speed shredder which can handle all the many types of waste FFV collects, like old sofas, carpets, mattresses, plastic products and Christmas trees, to name just a few. In fact, it was the Terminator´s versatility which tipped the balance when FFV made the purchase decision in Spring 2014.

The perfect match
FFV and the Komptech Terminator are a perfect match. Claus Mogensen explains: “We collect 10,000 tonnes of garden waste annually, and in addition we have high volumes of combustible waste and demolition wood. By shredding the waste we can save a lot on haulage since small fractions take less space on trucks than large pieces. We can also sell the garden waste and demolition wood instead of paying to get rid of it. We sell the shredded demolition wood to a chipboard factory, and the larger fraction of the garden waste goes to RDF. The iron we separate out goes to metal recycling companies. In addition, we produce a lot of compost which people can collect free of charge at our recycling sites.” Shredding multiple kinds of waste saves FFV money and brings new revenue streams.

Easy to maintain
An important criterion in the bid tender was that the new shredder be easy to maintain and that FFV’s own employees be able to do most of the work. The Terminator is designed with a focus on easy access to the engine and the hydraulic system. Jerry Ditlevsen, responsible for maintenance says: "You don’t have to crawl under the machine to get access to main components, but can stand upright and work in a safe and comfortable manner. The same goes for the drum, with easy access for replacing wear parts.

Another perfect match
Shredded biomass requires good screening to turn it into high quality biofuel. In early 2015 FFV bought a new Nemus 2700 drum screen from Danish Komptech dealer Aksel Benzin. It was of great importance that the new screen be able to cope with the capacity of the Terminator, while turning out a clean biomass product. Its screening area of 30 square metres separates out the large biomass fraction for biofuel of a very high quality. All the soil and small stones under 20 millimeters in the shredded feedstock are screened out during the tumbling action.