The Axtor is one of the most flexible machines out there for processing wood and green cuttings. In fast-running shredder mode with freeswinging tools, it produces material for composting. In reduced-speed chipper mode with fixed tools, it makes biomass fuel for heating plants.

The product range is extended with the new Axtor 6010 and 5010. High functionality but compact, while packing ample 590 and 480 HP power, these types are designed specifically for the medium to high output category. Its most important features are a low emissions Caterpillar®-diesel engine in a maintenancefriendly underfloor position, wide-area forward-facing feed with aggressive intake and high 850 mm clearance.



  • Long feed area, open to the front, with filling capability on both sides
  • 2 shredding concepts: shredder mode or chipper mode
  • Active feed with pre-compression and extremely large feed opening
  • Ideal servicing access to the motor (underfloor engine) and to the shredding area