Well-connected, and more

Starting in January 2018 Komptech is offering an innovative communications technology called Connect! that makes it much easier for users to monitor and keep tabs on their machines. The fact that this also improves efficiency makes it even more compelling.

February 15, 2018

Digitization, visualization, Industry 4.0 - the digital world with all its new technologies has arrived. Today, the world of work places new expectations on data exchange between customers, suppliers, and service providers. The working environment is bigger and more complex. And this is where new forms of communication can make a major contribution to keeping track of everything, and making the right decisions at the right time. With its innovative Connect! monitoring and communications technology, starting January 2018 Komptech is greatly enhancing the availability and efficiency of its machines.

Safety through continuous monitoring
Condition monitoring is an established concept. But Komptech wouldn’t be Komptech if it just picked up something that was already out there. As a technology leader, the Austrian manufacturer designed its system specifically for its machines and the working conditions of their users, further refining the benefits of condition monitoring. With continuous monitoring, machines can always be maintained based on their condition, and contingency costs can be kept at a minimum. Sensor data analysis, some in real time, enables a reliable and fast-reacting information system. This boosts safety and machine efficiency, paying dividends for users in every respect.

Accurate and specific data capture
So how does it all work? The Connect! hardware module is integrated in the machine and connected to the central control unit. The module reports events and diagnosis codes, as well as data on operating hours, fuel consumption, idle time etc., by mobile radio to a central data server. The web-based Connect! software application provides the data to users, dealers, sales partners and the manufacturer for further use. User administration controls exactly which information and assessments are made available to which user groups. Connect! can be used on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Always know what’s going on.
The advantages are obvious. Work sessions can be precisely documented, with exact information on operating conditions, consumption, and idle time allowing further tuning of the machine for optimum economy. Faster, coordinated repairs increase availability while also helping the manufacturer and service providers schedule technician visits for maximum user benefit. The machine can be precisely located at any time, which is a key factor in rental use. The owner can calculate fees and react to inquiries faster.The data also makes it easier to detect when working conditions are challenging for the machine and so take remedial action, which can help extend service life. And last but not least, evaluating work session data is helpful in planning new, comparable jobs.
Connect! doesn’t just deliver machine data, it also connects customers, dealers and sales partners. Starting 1 January 2018 Connect! will be factory-installed in new Crambo, Terminator, Axtor, Topturn, Cribus, Nemus, Multistar L3 and Hurrifex machines.