Crambo direct.
A real success story.

Since their successful launch, Crambo directs have accumulated over 100,000 operating hours.

March 02, 2016

At an average savings of 15 litres of diesel fuel per hour (versus a hydraulic-drive shredder), this adds up to a savings of 1.5 million litres of diesel and about 4000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. After two years in the field, the Crambo remains unique with its direct drive.
With its mechanical drive train, it is the only machine on the market to combine the functionality of hydraulic with the efficiency of mechanical drive.


  • Top drive efficiency and functionality:
    Mechanical direct drive with overload protection, reversing and automatic gear change

  • Clean energy:
    Caterpillar® diesel enginewith the latest exhaust scrubbing

  • Grain to order:
    Adjust the degree of shredding by a simple change of the screen basket or the entire screen basket cartridge

  • Ready for anything:
    Big shredding chamber with two 2.8 m long counterrotating toothed drums for active feed

  • Everything clear and logical:
    New user interface with simplified menu guidance and visualization of all functions
Save big:
1000 operating hours per year for eight years are not uncommon for a Crambo. With a savings potential of 15 litres per operating hour compared to hydraulic drive machines, during this period a Crambo direct saves 120,000 litres of diesel fuel. Even with the current low price of diesel, this means

savings of over 100,000 euros!