One of the best-known events in the world of composting is the annual conference of the US Composting Council. The machine demonstrations are especially popular, and all the big manufacturers are on hand to show what they can do.

Premiering the Topturn X4500
Sales partner Komptech Americas LLC brought five high-tech green machines to demonstrate what efficient European-made technology is capable of. It was the US premiere of the brand new Topturn X4500, which proved its mettle on the compost turner race by handing in the best turning performance relative to engine power. The Topturn X63 is already well established on the US market and is giving the domestic brands a run for their money, especially in the high performance category.

Being different has its benefits
In shredding, potential buyers could get a look at what the Crambo 6000 can accomplish. Its low-speed design sets it apart from the American high-speed shredders, and gives it much higher resistance to contraries, higher energy efficiency and lower emissions, all qualities that more and more American users are coming to appreciate.

Komptech goes its own way in screening as well, and was the only manufacturer to show a mobile three-fraction star screen with the Multistar XL3. Although it’s not small by European standards, in the US even the XL is just medium-sized. But its high throughput and excellent screening performance make it superior to many much larger drum screens. In the mulch and biomass business the combination of large coarse and fine screen deck with the patented Cleanstar® cleaning system, and the low-consumption hybrid drive using grid or generator power, add up to top economy.
The Komptech lineup was rounded out by the Nemus 2700 drum screen, in the semitrailer version that is a perfect fit for the US market.