Top performance isn’t always everything - endurance and efficiency are also needed for screening difficult materials. And that’s why BSR Bodensanierung Recycling GmbH chose a new Cribus 3800. It’s actually BSR’s second Cribus, which makes the story even more interesting.

December 12, 2016

“Am Schellenberg” is the name of BSR Bodensanierung Recycling GmbH’s recycling site in Ingolstadt near Neuhof. “It’s the ideal location,” says Michael Kilian, operations director at Schellenberg. Kilian knows what he’s talking about. He has worked at BSR since substituting for someone on holiday in 2000, and with his colleague Mirko Schröter, who has worked at the company for five years, he handles a task that is not always simple - processing street sweepings. Obviously, processing waste under these conditions is no easy matter, and that’s why Kilian and Schröter feel that with Komptech technology they’ve found the right way to go. “With all the contraries and contaminants, the processing system can’t be overly complex. At the same time we want to reclaim as much as possible and dump as little as possible. Despite the strict regulations around inspection of the material, we want to deliver a homogeneous product that can be readily reused by landfills. To do so, we rely on Komptech screening technology and on our Cribus.”

Cribus No. 2 
Its predecessor is on the other side of the year, and is also a Cribus 3800. “It was the perfect replacement,” notes Kilian; “The 3800 E worked out great for us, including with heavy street sweepings. But now it has about 4000 hours behind it. Komptech made us a very good buy-back offer, while also making upgrades to the new machine based on our experiences with the old Cribus.”

Low energy costs
The technical highlights of the Cribus 3800 speak for themselves. The ample 2.2 m drum diameter, the 5.5 m effective screening length and the wide spacing between drum and sidewalls ensure trouble-free screening. Together with the robust frame construction, this means that the machine doesn’t knuckle under even with very heavy material. The friction wheel drum drive, antislip regulation and excellent maintenance access are also important points. And finally there’s the electric drive, which can run either directly from grid power or from a diesel generator, and gives up to 75 percent lower energy costs. Kilian naturally has practical matters uppermost in mind. “We screen street sweepings twice. When the material first arrives we run it at 15 millimetres to get out the minerals and send the overlengths to composting. After six to eight weeks we screen the compost at 10 millimetres. We also run it through a Stonefex, which is naturally indispensable to get out the rest of the rocks. It works great.”

Very versatile
The new Cribus 3800 was tailored in many areas precisely to BSR’s requirements in screening street sweepings. Michael Kilian and Mirko Schröter are confident that their new Cribus is “unbeatable,” “Sometimes we also get wood chippings on outside jobs - that’s hard for some to handle, but it’s child’s play for us.” You can tell that this is a team that sticks together through thick and thin - and that the Cribus 3800 is a full member of that team.