Five reasons you’ll love the Axtor 6010!

The Axtor 6010 is one of the most flexible machines out there for processing wood and green waste.

November 27, 2017

In fast-running shredder mode with freeswinging tools, it produces material for composting. In reduced-speed chipper mode with fixed tools, it makes biomass fuel for heating plants. The Axtor 6010 can be on a 3-axle trailer, semitrailer or self-propelled tracked chassis.

Huge feed area
The feed hopper is a perfect match with the machine‘s performance and permits stress-free operation. No length limit and a loading height of just 2.7 metres make loading easy.

Active feed
A tough steel belt conveyor moves the material towards the intake. Since the feed opening, conveyor and hopper are exactly the same width, there are no corners where things can get hung up.

Shredding or chipping
Conversion from shredder to chipper is fast and simple: In a few hours work, the machine is switched from free-swinging shredder tools to fixed holders with precision-cut chipping blades or tough shredder blades.

Man and Machine
The operating panel on the machine has a colour display that clearly shows all functions and the operating status. Colour-coded graphics help the user quickly locate the right controls for each function.

Easy access
The Axtor is the only machine anywhere combining an underfloor engine, swing-out screen basket, easily accessible shredding chamber and individual mounting of tools on the drum.