Flexibility – that’s what the new Nemus means for the Willi Ostermaier earthmoving company in Dorfen, Germany. It’s Felix Ostermaier’s first drum screen, and his expectations are high.

March 06, 2019

Drum screens are generally considered very robust, “and they also need to be very flexible and have a broad range of applications,” adds Felix Ostermaier, CEO of Willi Ostermaier GmbH & Co. KG. The company had long been looking into a suitable alternative for the tracked screener it was using. “It’s not that we were unhappy with it, but moving it around was complicated. With our dispersed gravel and sand pits we just needed to be more mobile and flexible.”

The Willi Ostermaier company provides a wide range of services in its area. A large role is played by the 15 sand and gravel pits scattered about the region, which the company uses depending on the job and job site.

The company’s many different types of jobs, ranging from construction and demolition material recycling to various sand and gravel products to humus production, all require screening, which must always provide the requisite final product quality. “We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products, and it is regularly monitored. And that’s what I expect from a screener. So it needs to deliver not just quantity, but also quality.”

This is where Günter Seisenberger comes into the story, an employee who had experience with mobile drum screens in a previous job. He pointed out that he had seen very good results with Komptech. The high quality promised by this Austrian brand sounded good to his boss, who quickly made an appointment for a demonstration. That demo sealed the deal. Felix Ostermaier was won over: “On the Nemus I liked the very tough and thought-through construction, plus the simple operation and naturally also the throughput. Mobility is a very important part of it, because now we can move quickly and flexibly between our different quarries and construction material and humus production sites. It’s all very uncomplicated. That’s a new experience!”

This adaptability has a lot to do with the Nemus’ configuration. It has four screen drums dimensioned for different types of screening jobs with sand, gravel, soil and C&D waste. And then there are the options. These include magnetic drums for taking ferrous metals out of recycled construction materials, a hopper prescreen for removing oversize items, hopper sensor control and hydraulic engine unit run-out, which makes maintenance easier.