Once again we are offering an internship in Denver, CO, USA. By doing so we are giving tomorrow’s technicians the opportunity to gain insights into a worldwide company while at the same time improving their foreign language skills. Thus, with this US internship we are investing in the future. In July the interns will spend a month in Denver learning about our machines, assisting on customer visits and helping out in day-to-day business. In addition to this valuable professional experience, they will be immersed in a foreign culture, learn other perspectives and lifestyles, and make international contacts.

Their adventure will be recorded in this Internship Diary:

14 AUGUST 2019
The internship of Fabiola and Luca is finished. It is time for the last report:
Fabiola and Luca spent four weeks at Komptech Americas in Denver. After a short enrollment they did a lot of tasks on their own. One example was the supply of the customers with spare parts, as both interns say. "We are proud of every package that we could send them quickly. This is how we ensure the customers satisfaction."
Besides work in office and warehouse there were customer visitings too. One of the most exciting moment was the visitation of a recycling plant in Texas where they could see how the machines work.
In Denver Fabiola and Luca not only learned about work, but also about interpersonal relations. Luca mentions: "A different surrounding leads to a different work spirit. Americans are more open minded, than Europeans. Experiencing and understanding both approaches at work is educational for further careers."
"It is a great experience to stay abroad for a while at such a young age. I would definitely do it again and do not want to miss out those unique experiences.", says Fabiola.
Now Fabiola and Luca look forward to reunite with their family and friends at home. Both agree: "There is a lot to tell them. And we already miss our new friends and the exciting time we spent with them."

2 AUGUST 2019
"This week we worked in the office. We checked documents of availability and completeness, because they will be sent to customers soon. Furthermore we could attend a business lunch with a komptech dealer. Afterwards we were allowed to see their machines. They owned older and newer Komptech machines, including a Joker (see on picture).
We also packed our suitcases, which turned out to be more difficult than expected after all those shopping tours we did."

26 JULY 2019
"During this week, Marcel took us to a customer meeting in Austin, Texas. He owns a waste processing plant. It was very interesting, because the sorting of the material is mainly done by two huge robots, which work together with the Terminator and Ballistor. We liked visiting the customer, especially because we have never seen such a huge plant before. Now we are looking forward to our last week!"

19 JULY 2019
"This week we went to a composting plant of a customer outside of Denver to inspect a machine. It was a Multistar XL3 in factory-new condition which was the reason why the machine inspection went really fast. Furthermore, there was a lot to do in the warehouse too. We received spare parts orders and had to store them correctly for their use in future. Now we are looking forward to week 3."

12 JULY 2019
Fabiola and Luca have arrived in Denver. Todd, who had met them before at the Technology Days in Slovenia, welcomed them at the airport and showed them their home for the next few weeks, along with their “monstrous” pickup. It makes them mobile, and is a necessity for getting where they need to go. With only few sidewalks or bike lanes, walking or cycling are non-starters for any kind of distances. On their first day at work Fabiola and Luca were warmly welcomed to the team by the rest of their colleagues at Komptech Americas, and immediately put to work in After Sales. “Our job is finding spare parts, checking their availability, and determining their stock levels,” says Fabiola. From the beginning they encountered many new things and experienced American customs, says Luca. “It’s fascinating to see the differences in lifestyle and in how they approach things at work.”

30 JUNE 2019
Just a few more days, and then Fabiola and Luca will be off to America. At the Technology Days, a Komptech customer event, they had a chance to meet Brandon, CEO of Komptech Americas, and their future colleagues Todd and Marcel. They talked about their expectations, and also their concerns.
Brandon already has a detailed plan for the two interns, and they will work in all the important departments including Sales, After Sales, Marketing and Warehousing. Customer visits are also planned. Brandon wants to give Fabiola and Luca special insights, and has accordingly high expectations. He hopes that the experience will broaden the two interns’ outlook and knowledge of the waste and recycling business. Brandon feels that the industry needs young, motivated people: “I hope we can convince them to work for innovative companies in the industry after they finish their educations.”
For Luca, the first talk with his future colleagues was very informative. He is most looking forward to the as yet unfamiliar working environment, but it is also his biggest fear. He hopes that with good preparation he can overcome his concerns as to whether he can perform the tasks as desired. Practicing English and reviewing the things he did during his last internship at Komptech in Frohnleiten should help. Alongside all the attention he is devoting to the internship, Luca will be sure to take something else with him to America – his camera. Because he has no intention of ignoring his photography hobby while he’s in Denver.
Brandon, Todd and Marcel made a likable first impression on Fabiola, and she’s looking forward to many positive experiences that will help her in future. “You don’t often have the chance to do an internship in Denver.” She sees the challenges as a positive part of the experience. Her biggest concern? That she could be distracted from the internship. Fabiola is preparing with a well-packed suitcase and a visit with family and friends before the flight. “Then nothing can go wrong.” We wish them both a good trip, and look forward to their first impressions from Denver!

28 MARCH 2019
We proudly present Fabiola and Luca, our two interns for the US. Alongside her studies of Recycling Technology at the University of Leoben, Fabiola has also interned in our Technical Documentation department. A chemistry Olympian, she volunteers with Engineers Without Borders, and got our attention with her essay on the topic of “Waste is raw material in the wrong place” where she discussed the processing of secondary raw materials. Luca studies IT at HTL Kaindorf and has experience in assembly and warehousing. As an active member of the European Youth Parliament, for which he regularly organizes Europe-wide events and works as a journalist, he has frequently demonstrated his English skills. We liked his excellent IT abilities, especially in software development. Both of them impressed us with their answers to the question “What innovations should we develop and bring to market in the coming years, to make a significant contribution to worldwide resource use?”
We are sure that with Fabiola and Luca we have made an excellent choice of interns for our colleagues in Denver, and look forward to hearing about their adventure in July. We thank all the many applicants for their interest, and their very creative answers to our questions!