Green efficiency by Komptech

At Komptech, we’re technicians through and through. As a tech company, we got our start in a garage, with two guys who turned their calling into a profession. So we love technology, pretty much any kind of technology.

August 19, 2014

But there’s a but. Because we’re not just technicians. We’re also husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, grandparents - regular people. And so we want the generations that come after us to say that we considered the consequences of our actions.
After two years of hard work, our contribution to a better environment stands firm. We call it green efficiency, an innovation programme that gives our machines higher performance and lower consumption, uses the latest exhaust scrubbing technologies and saves vast amounts of CO2, to help save the planet. Sound paradoxical? Perhaps. But sometimes in life you just have to set your mind to something to make it happen. We know that we’re not the only ones helping make the world greener. But we’re still very proud of our solutions for waste and biomass processing. They’re green, and they’re efficient.

"We at Komptech live Technology for a better environment.“
Komptech-CEO Heinz Leitner

How we live green efficiency
As passionate technicians we face up to the challenge every day of making our machines more efficient and thus more capable. Our goal is that every machine that bears the green efficiency logo really is efficient. And green efficiency doesn’t just stand for the exceptional economy, quality and productivity of our machines, but is also an expression of our company culture. It doesn’t end when we leave the office, but is a personal concern of each of our employees. We want to live green efficiency as an attitude, so that it moves from strength to strength.
Because making the world a little greener and more livable starts with each of us individually.