Happy Chippo

The Beat Risi company in Sempach, Switzerland works in demolition and civil engineering, and now also processes wood to biofuel, which it sells to local heating associations and private users.

July 18, 2014

The continually rising demand for wood chips in Switzerland motivated innovative entrepreneur Beat Risi to invest in a "professional chipper." Before that his company had always used tractor-driven chippers, but in 2011 Risi bought his first truck-mounted chipper, a Komptech Chippo 5010 Cd. With it, he got not just a new mobile machine, but also the expertise, advice, knowledge and excellent service and spare parts logistics of W. Mahler AG, Komptech's chipper distributor in Switzerland.

Direct drive
A truck-mounted chipper generally offers an easier view of what's going on, more straightforward operation, and higher speeds when moving from job to job. The Chippo 5010 Cd also offers other advantages over its competitors. In cooperation with truck manufacturer MAN Komptech developed a special transmission that enables direct powering of the chipper from the truck engine, obviating the need for an additional chipper engine. This reduces weight and diesel fuel consumption, as well as operating and service costs.

Bigger and better
The high throughput is another big benefit. Its aggressive intake with pre-compression by two horizontal and two vertical intake rollers can handle logs up to 75 cm in diameter. Komptech's blade mounting arrangement is also very innovative. Blades can be changed in just a few minutes, so the chipper is ready for the next job quickly. Chip discharge can be by conveyor or flexibly and precisely by variable-speed blower. The external cooling system is designed for ongoing high performance.

Beat Risi is happy
Beat Risi is quite satisfied with the dark green Komptech chipper from W. Mahler AG. Orders for energy wood continue to climb, prompting Risi to purchase a second mobile chipper. With his positive experience with the Chippo, it wasn't hard to decide where to look. This time Risi chose a Chippo 5010 Cdt version. The "t" stands for "turnable." Its chipping unit is mounted on a solid turntable and swivels hydraulically through 260°. The feedstock it processes can be on the right or left of the road. With the turntable, this chipper doesn't need to turn around, often a laborious process on narrow logging roads. Instead, it can turn the chipper so the feed is right where it's needed.