Higher capacity with the Nemus 2700

Kummeling Groen en Infra offers garden and landscaping services. Since the summer of 2018 Kummeling has therefore been using a new Nemus 2700.

January 09, 2020

This company in the Geldersee province has no lack of variety in its tasks. Kummeling Groen en Infra offers garden and landscaping services, as well maintaining infrastructure, such as roads and the waterways specific to the Netherlands. “We spend a lot of time mowing waterways, maintaining sports fields and doing various kinds of clearing work,” says owner and CEO Rob Kummeling.

At its own site in Didam the company does green waste processing currently using the Nemus 2700 with a 15 mm screen drum. “We needed additional capacity that the smaller screen we had at the time could not provide,” says Rob Kummeling. “On the Nemus 2700 the screen drum is now a metre longer, which boosts throughput and is naturally very useful for us.”

As far as Kummeling is concerned the Nemus 2700 is the ideal all-purpose machine, and one which he uses for many things. Although he owns 25 and 40 mm screen drums, on occasion Kummeling will borrow a 15 mm drum from another local company he is friends with. “That’s the advantage of a universal system,” explains Sales Manager Harald Wildenbeest of PON Equipment, Komptech’s sales partner for the Netherlands.” There is almost always a company within 60 km that you can exchange screen drums with.” Still, Kummeling is planning to get his own. “I’m thinking about buying a 15 mm drum in the Heavy Duty version. I expect it to give me longer time between maintenance, and with our own drum we’ll be a bit more flexible.”

A new detail on the Nemus 2700 is Connect!, a condition monitoring system that keeps tabs on machine functions and enables remote data evaluation. Rob Kummeling is familiarizing himself with it. “I haven’t yet used Connect! for this but I’m glad that our Nemus is ready for the future. Naturally we also looked at other companies, but in this price range this combination of performance and future security was the winner for me.”