IFAT 2018 Review:
The right solution
for any business model

At this year’s IFAT in Munich, Komptech didn’t just show new machines, but also presented solutions for almost any business model under the motto “GreenBoost your business.”

Press Release, May 21, 2018

Customers were excited about the machines, and also about offerings that go far beyond the normal scope of what a machine manufacturer would do.
For Komptech the anniversary year 2017 was one of the most successful in its history, with a record revenue of over 115 mln. euros. That remarkable success continued at this year’s IFAT. The widely respected Austrian-German technology leader presented many improvements to its existing machines, and also no less than five new ones - the Topturn X5000, Axtor 4510, Nemus 3000, Terminator Type V and last but not least the Metalfex. 
And that’s not all – many showings at the VDMA Practice Days demonstrated that Komptech doesn’t just understand new design, but also how to make machines that are capable, powerful and practical. This was highly appreciated, not just by the many members of the public, but also by professionals looking specifically for new developments and improvements. Komptech provided honest answers to their questions.

Capable technology
The new Topturn X5000 expands the company’s line of triangular windrow turners. This new “five metre machine” comes in two power levels, and brings users longer maintenance intervals and thus even lower operating costs.
The new Axtor 4510 shredder also shows that a lot of thought went towards practical issues – its two-axle configuration makes it readily transportable. The intake and shredder rotor have been repositioned to give a more compact yet just as capable machine. 
Based on the successful Nemus 2700, the brand-new Nemus 3000 is a drum screener that sets a new standard in maintenance, service-friendliness and utility. This includes the ability to use competitor screen drums.
Many visitors were surprised and impressed by the ability of the Terminator Type V to offer efficient shredding of a very wide range of materials like household and commercial waste, green cuttings and waste wood, with just a single machine. 
The new Metalfex nonferrous metal separator rounds out Komptech’s separator line. It addresses a new material group, and does so with great versatility. It can separate out non-ferrous metals from all types of bulk waste, and optionally can also take an FE separator to remove ferrous metals as well. The applications range from preshredded waste wood and bulky waste to shredded green cuttings. 
As always, Komptech has paid great attention to practicality in its machinery, working from its long experience. Customers greatly appreciate the tough but sophisticated and effective developments this approach leads to. With Komptech, they find what they are looking for.

Consulting, service and the right solutions belong together
Komptech would not be Komptech if it “just” focused on its machines. This year’s “GREEN BOOST your business” fair motto underlined this. Komptech offers solutions that go far beyond simply selling machinery.
As just one example, since January 2018 Komptech’s innovative Connect! monitoring and communications technology has greatly enhanced the availability and efficiency of its new machines. The company also offers rental and used machines, as well as complete processing plants – whatever it takes to meet customer needs. To ensure that customer investments remain viable long-term, after-sales service is best in class. This includes maintenance and service contracts as well as comprehensive advice on customers’ options for getting the most benefit for their business models.
Response at IFAT showed that Komptech is on the right path with this. For Komptech, customers are more than just purchasers – they are peer-level partners. Viewed from this perspective as well, this year’s IFAT was another major success for Komptech.