IFAT 2018:
The Nemus 3000
ushers in a new chapter
in screening technology

With the brand-new Nemus 3000, Komptech is presenting not just a thorough upgrade of its very successful Nemus 2700, but much more: This new drum screen features more power, more flexibility and design refinements that open up a new chapter in screening technology.

Press Release, March 23, 2018

The brand new Nemus 3000 drum screen is based on the very successful Nemus 2700, whose capabilities quickly won it many customers. So it made perfect sense to translate these customers’ experience into a new version that would combine the proven excellent qualities of the old model with new refinements. 
The first, most obvious thing is the longer discharge conveyors. The fines and oversize discharge conveyors are 5.5 metres long as standard, which means much higher cones and thereby higher throughput. And that is by no means all. Form follows function - with this guiding principle in mind the design was fundamentally revisited to fit with the updated Komptech design line. After all, it’s a new machine, so why not show it?

The details make the difference
The MTBF of the proven Drum-Grip drive chain was doubled through a newly designed pick-up roller, an advantage that brings benefits in longer maintenance intervals. The straightforward construction of the machine as a whole, and maintenance access improvements at many points, further boost service and maintenance-friendliness. User-friendliness was not forgotten either - operation is child’s play using the main display panel at the rear of the machine, from where the operator has a great view of the inside of the drum. The big colour display used on the Cribus series will be offered as an option in future.
With its modular construction the Nemus 3000, whether hydraulically or electrically powered, can be ordered in central axle trailer, semitrailer or tracked versions. Customers can also choose the power source that’s best for them, from electric grid power to emission level 3b and 4 diesel engines.

Great standard equipment and flexibility
Drum screens have long been known as robust, flexible machines that can be used on pretty much any construction site. Most importantly, they almost never “choke” and are relatively easy to maintain, repair in an emergency or adapt to new requirements. Why not extend this adaptability to the drum itself?
Here again Komptech put user needs first, and the new modular drive design allows the Nemus 3000 to use the screen drums of selected competitor machines.
The extensive standard equipment is another plus - PU scraper, hydraulically extendible engine unit and adjustable conveyor speed are all standard features that boost utility and economy.

Drum screening keeps getting better - Komptech shows how it’s done.