IFAT 2018:
Terminator “V” for Versatile

With the new Terminator Type V, the Terminator family has become even more flexible and versatile, in terms of application areas as well as machine features. In future, it can be configured for any user need.

Press Release, April 09, 2018

This is one of the most comprehensive new developments and one of the show highlights at the Komptech booth - the new Terminator Type V. The V stands for “versatile,” not just in terms of the materials this impressive machine can handle, but also its very wide range of applications. 
The focus during development was on users who need to process many different materials, be they household or commercial waste, biomass like green and shrub cuttings, or used wood. The familiar advantages of the Terminator, such as its high throughput, had to be retained while meeting new challenges. For example, processing biomass requires a more aggressive shredding unit in order to ensure active and steady material intake. To achieve this, the shredding teeth were made about 50 percent higher.

Flexible for users
From the user perspective, as well as from a technical point view, the new Terminator Type V is a line extension, i.e. a new version of the existing shredders U, F, XXF. The modular idea played a major role in the development, and the ability to easily replace all major components was designed in from the beginning. Our development engineers succeeded in integrating all future variants into the basic layout. This guarantees maximum flexibility for customers, since they can combine individual components to get a machine that exactly meets their needs. With the Type V, for the first time an optional reshredding unit under the drum is available, that greatly expands the range of possible grain sizes.

High throughput with top material quality
The new Terminator easily delivers high material quality at high throughput. Other compelling arguments are the revisions to the basic machine, which incorporates all the new developments that have already proven their worth with the new version of the Crambo, Komptech’s low-speed universal wood shredder. This includes further enhanced service access and a 750 kg weight reduction with no reduction in functionality.