Komptech at eREC 2021

Persons interested in Komptech’s new technologies can learn about them conveniently and comfortably from 3 to 8 May by smartphone, tablet or PC: at eREC 2021, the digital trade fair for the recycling industry.

Press Release, April 28, 2021

Komptech is presenting on the virtual platform with an expanded range of mobile solutions – the e-mobile versions of the Crambo and Terminator shredders. These machines are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, and combine the strengths of electric systems, like reduced noise and emissions-free operation, with the flexibility of mobile use.

Komptech Rental is a good alternative to purchase, for working off workload peaks, trying out new techniques or getting into new business fields, flexibly, effectively and without long-term investment commitments. The machines offered under this program range from star and drum separators, wind sifters and stone separators, to non-ferrous and ferrous metal separators.

Currently we’re enhancing all of our offerings with digital communications. Our Komptech GO! digitalization strategy comprises a steadily growing number of apps. SHARE! is a communications platform for the entire Sales organization, ASSIST! is an online service system that supplies service technicians with all the information they need for problem-solving independent of time or location, and BUILD! is a tool for putting together the right offering from our entire machine range. CONNECT! enables the transparent administration, job planning and monitoring of machines.

Webinar on 3 May 9:15 – 10:00
What technology efficiently reduces waste wood to a defined grain for material or energy recycling? What solutions exist for removing contaminants from organic waste in order to get good compost? How can mixed residential waste be efficiently separated and sorted? In the webinar “Green Boost – Our Solutions for Your Success” Andreas Kunter, who is responsible for Product Management and Marketing, will talk about Komptech’s answers to these questions.

We also describe our solutions for composting, waste wood processing and solid waste treatment in three new brochures. They are available as PDFs at www.komptech.com.

Visitor registration:  https://erec.expo-ip.com
Komptech at eREC 2021: https://erec.info/de/komptech-gmbh