Less fuel, more power - the new Crambo direct

With the Crambo direct Komptech is presenting another machine in its new green efficiency® line. From the newly developed drive to the extra large hopper dimensions, everything is themed: Less fuel, more power.

September 25, 2013

The newly developed Crambo direct shredder is another machine in Komptech’s recently launched green efficiency® brand. green efficiency® stands for new technologies with substantially higher energy efficiency than the machines and systems currently considered state of the art. This new approach to efficiency is evident not just in the drive train, but also in the shredding action, the service-friendliness and naturally the overall economy of the Crambo direct.

What specifically does this mean for users? The new Crambo direct has a mechanical drive with automatic load-dependent gear shifting that combines the functionality of hydraulic drive with the efficiency of mechanical system. That means top economy, while retaining all product benefits like overload protection, reversibility, adaptation to the material etc. The Crambo direct is powered by a Caterpillar® Level 3b or 4 diesel engine with the latest exhaust scrubbing. The whole engine compartment was redesigned, and now offers even easier service and maintenance access. Special insulation reduces noise emissions to a minimum.

In the large shredding chamber, two 2.8 m counter-rotating toothed drums provide active feed as in other Crambos. Whether bulky branches and cuttings, rootstocks of any size, or used wood contaminated with contraries, it shreds it all down to a set particle size. The degree of shredding can be adjusted flexibly, either by changing the screen basket or even more conveniently by changing the entire screen basket cartridge – and the machine is ready for a new job. The Bio-Basket XL is also new. It lets operators get more fuel product out of green cuttings, while reducing their own fuel consumption in the process.

The Crambo direct’s new mechanical drive naturally has a direct effect on the machine’s economy. It offers a 50 percent higher torque at highest drum speed, for more throughput, it uses up to 30 percent less fuel than conventional diesel-hydraulic shredders, for much lower specific operating costs and in particular a smaller environmental footprint - all arguments that speak volumes for Komptech’s rigorous implementation of green efficiency®.