It’s not just the product, it’s the complete package of machine, expert advice, dependable service and reliable spare parts availability that success is built on. For 10 years ELB Equipment has met and exceeded these requirements.

March 24, 2020

A distance of 16,000 km and nine time zones separate Komptech headquarters in Frohnleiten, Austria from our sales partner ELB Equipment headquarters in Sydney, Australia. It’s a challenge for telephoning, and also for parts availability. “Nevertheless, an Australian customer expects the same support and service as a customer who can practically see our factory from his office window,” says Heinz Leitner, “so it’s all the more important to have a capable, well-connected local partner like ELB Equipment on our team.” To celebrate the partnership’s first decade, it was natural that Leitner would attend this year’s ELB Equipment employee event in person. While he was there, he also presented them with the Josef Heissenberger Award, with which Komptech recognizes an especially innovative partner each year.

Australia and New Zealand cover an enormous geographic area, which means that it’s not always easy to be close to the customer. To solve this problem, ELB Equipment maintains eight support facilities throughout the area, with trained sales and service specialists and well-stocked parts warehouses. If there is still a problem that requires the assistance of one of the Komptech Expertise Centres, tools like Connect!, a condition monitoring system developed by Komptech, help to quickly deliver the information needed to find a solution. With 24/7 availability, slowing of the information flow due to times of day or night is a thing of the past. Thus, Australian Komptech customers don’t just get an innovative premium product, they also get the assurance that they will receive outstanding service.

In order to continue to meet customer needs effectively going forward, it’s necessary to listen closely to what users have to say. So despite the costs, Komptech sees it as an obligation to send personnel from various departments out into the wide world on a regular basis. Heinz Leitner did not pass up the opportunity to get to know the challenges of Australian users first-hand, and so in addition to the celebration his agenda included some visits to customers. These included some of the largest composters in the country, who with hard work and our green machines are helping to create the basis for green growth on the red continent.