Measures and consequences of the current situation

Information for Komptech customers and partners on possible consequences of developments around the Corona virus

March 17, 2020

As you are no doubt aware, steps are being taken Europe-wide to slow the spread of the Corona virus. In many countries governments have passed extensive packages of emergency measures. These affect many companies, and some have shut down.

As an international company Komptech is not directly affected by closure, but has responded proactively and taken certain measures. Our goal is to safeguard our ability to meet our supply and payment commitments to customers and vendors, while also meeting our responsibilities to our employees.

What does this mean for deliveries of our machines, spare parts and services?

•   Currently supplies of raw materials, auxiliary materials and consumables are secure for the foreseeable future, so we are able to make deliveries until further notice.

•   The measures taken have thus far have prevented any of our employees from being infected with Corona. However, 100% isolation is improbable, so infection is possible. Scenarios and safety concepts have been prepared by the task force and health authorities, and will be adapted to situations as they arise.

•    If there are delivery delays due to the Corona virus and/or official measures, we apologize in advance. In such a force majeure case we will reach out to you immediately in order to coordinate possible alternatives and solutions, and keep any resulting disturbance as minimal as possible.

We will naturally try to support you as best we can, and will keep you updated on further measures. Your accustomed contact people are available by mail or phone as always.

If it becomes apparent that there may be changes in ongoing business transactions, we will contact you. In return, we ask that you inform us immediately of measures in your company that may affect your business relationship with Komptech.

We are confident that together we will cope well with this situation in Europe.