Mega-project in Africa:

In Ghana, Austrian environmental technology provider Komptech has received the largest order in its history. Over the next twelve months, 25 machines will be shipped to Ghana.

Press Release, April 17, 2018

Over the next twelve months, 25 machines will be shipped to Ghana. “We are equipping five mobile household waste processing plants with the latest Austrian technology,” said the responsible Sales Manager Markus Maierhofer. Ghana in West Africa is a country of 30 million, which for years has had huge waste disposal problems. “Recyclables will be removed from waste and re-used, while organics will be made into compost and sold to the government for greening parks and roadsides,” Maierhofer added. “In addition, we’re helping reduce the amount of landfilling and so making a sustained contribution to environmental protection.” 

A strategic market entry project
The customer is the Jospong Group, one of Africa’s showcase companies, with over 85,000 employees. It is headquartered in Ghana’s capital city Accra and works throughout West Africa. “This gives us our first major footprint in Africa, which will be an important market for our future growth,” said Komptech CEO Heinz Leitner of this strategic project, adding, “We’re supplying 13 million euros’ worth of machinery, all told. This is the largest project in the history of the company.”