Multistar L3: Outstanding in every way

With the Multistar L3 Komptech has a very high-performance 3-fraction star screen that meets every requirement. It’s flexible in all sorts of conditions, and delivers first-class output quality.

July 27, 2021

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that the Multistar L3 is one of the most successful star screens on the market. There are three primary factors behind this success. The first is the throughput, which is the best in its class. This is based on Komptech's further improved "coarse before fine screening" concept. Along with top throughput, this also has a major influence on screening quality. The screen decks with their rubber stars and the patented Cleanstar cleaning system give the L3 an output quality that no competitor can match. And then there's the energy efficiency, which is more and more important. All machine components are electrically driven. The power can come from the grid for the lowest cost, or from the on-board diesel generator.
Effective and flexible
High flexibility, simple maintenance, toughness, intuitive operation, and design to match - these are the major features that determine the functionality of the L3. With a screening area of 3.8 m² for coarse material and 7.3 m² for fines, it delivers up to 250 m³/h throughput. But that is by no means all. The new carefully chosen cartridge design of the screen decks means they can be removed as a unit and switched in a very short time. This simple removal makes maintenance, conversion and particle size changes easier, and represents a major increase in the machine's flexibility, especially in terms of grain size.
The mobility design is part of the higher flexibility. On the L3 the towbar is on the side where the oversize fraction is ejected. That frees up the medium grain discharge side, greatly simplifying in-line operation with a Stonefex stone separator or Hurrikan wind sifter. The oversize fraction can still be removed without problems, since the towbar folds up against the machine when in working position.
No contradiction: Modern design and simple maintenance
The modern design also facilitates maintenance. The access doors are positioned so that maintenance is simplicity itself. The chain drives are placed opposed the drive motors, so there is no need to remove the motors to replace chains or chain sprockets.
The sturdy 7 m³ volume feed hopper can be raised manually or hydraulically for maintenance purposes, another way Komptech makes things easier, since that gives full access to the lower run chain conveyor, as well as the entire length of the fine screen deck. The fines discharge conveyor fulfils several requirements at once. The one-piece design prevents material trickle at transfer points, while also giving high capacity. This higher capacity allows the conveyor to run at lower speed, requiring less power and causing much less wear. The layout of the control panel is state of the art. Its intuitive menu guidance and easily understood symbols make operation easier and safer.

Output quality front and centre
The Multistar L3 can be fitted with numerous options that expand its range of applications. These include 2 or 3-axle central axle trailer or tractor-trailer configurations, a longer coarse screen deck, wind sifter for the medium and coarse conveyors, magnetic and roller separator on the discharge conveyors, and much more.
The wind sifter and magnet separator are extremely important factors in output quality. Whether in waste wood, biomass or green waste, the contrary content in input material is everywhere increasing, making efficient screening of the end product critical. The experience of Komptech brings dividends here, as only largely contrary-free output products can meet the justified requirements of secondary raw material markets. The Multistar L3 offers everything needed for the purpose.