New machines, new capabilities

At this year's IFAT in Munich Komptech will present four new machines - the Axtor 6010, the Crambo direct, the Topturn X and the Hurrifex. As always with Komptech, it was customer requirements that drove these developments. And the results are impressive.

Press Release, March 21, 2014

The centrepiece of this year's IFAT presentation will no doubt be the Axtor 6010, the little brother of the proven Axtor 8012. Numerous components have been downsized to fit the lower power, like the feed ramp, intake opening and chipping drum, which in no way diminishes utility - in fact, it does the opposite. The Axtor 6010 is the right size for most facilities and operators, who can use it to capacity. This naturally also has a very advantageous effect on pricing. The Axtor 6010 rounds out Komptech’s offerings in the area of biomass processing.

Shredding and chipping made easy
In fast-running shredder mode it generates material for composting, while in slow-running chipper mode it makes fuel for heating plants. Depending on the input material, it chips or shreds with shredder blades. In addition to perfect functionality, it shines with simple loading, resistance to contraries, great service and maintenance access, and naturally the mobility that comes with being available as 3-axle trailer, tractor-trailer or tracked version.

Crambo direct – green and efficient
The Crambo is indisputably one of the best machines there is for shredding all types of wood and green cuttings. In addition to the existing hydraulic-drive model there is now a mechanical-drive version, the new Crambo direct. The Crambo direct has a drive train that combines the functionality of hydraulic with the efficiency of mechanical drive. The new mechanical drive with automatic transmission has numerous advantages, such as higher efficiency and lower fuel use, while retaining full functionality like overload protection, reversing and two shredding speeds. The degree of shredding can be adjusted flexibly, either by changing the screen basket, or even more conveniently by changing the entire screen basket cartridge. The Bio-Basket XL is also new. It lets operators get more fuel product out of green cuttings, while reducing their own fuel consumption.
The new Crambo direct is one of the machines in Komptech's new green efficiency® innovation programme. Green efficiency machines have lower consumption and higher performance, making them extremely economical to run. Naturally they also have the latest emissions technology.

Topturn X – the third generation
And then there's the new Topturn. Starting with the X55 variant, the product line has been updated through and through. Using experience gained in many thousands of operating hours, numerous modifications were made to improve operator comfort, controls and maintenance, and reduce emissions to meet the latest standards. This includes a larger cab, new operating panel, automatic steering, much better access and more comfortable working position through hydraulically folding engine panels, which also double as platforms when doing maintenance.
A key aspect is still the choice of wheel or track chassis. We can offer the right turner "to order," with three sizes and many options available.

Hurrifex – windsifting and stone removal in one
The Hurrifex is a new class of machine that combines the benefits of the Stonefex and the Hurrikan, performing windsifting and stone separation in one pass. This makes the Hurrifex especially suitable for composters and green-cutting processors who have to battle not just stones but also plastic contaminants in order to turn out a clean fuel product.
IFAT booth: You can find us at IFAT, Hall C2, Booth 403/502