New sales partner for Czechia and Slovakia – MK Waste

Czechia and Slovakia face the challenge of implementing the Europe-wide waste handling targets. With MK Waste there is a capable partner in both countries who helps with the transition to a modern circular economy, using Komptech services.

Press Release, May 08, 2020

The EU has ambitious targets for household waste, at ≥55% recycling by 2025 and ≤10% landfilling by 2035. Reaching them will require a big push in both countries. In addition, growing environmental awareness on the part of the populace is spurring demand for improvement in how waste is handled. In order to respond to new requirements quickly and flexibly, as of 1 Jan. 2020 the MK Waste company joined Komptech’s international sales network as the sole distributor for Czechia and Slovakia.

With the full support of Komptech, the MK Waste team is providing individual solutions that meet customer needs and fit the respective application profiles. These range from mobile machines to stationary systems to the planning and execution of complete waste handling processes, tailored to each customer situation.

For on-site support MK Waste has skilled sales staff as well as a trained service team with long experience in environmental and agricultural machinery. A well-equipped service location handles bigger repair jobs, and the extensive stock of spare parts ensures quick availability in-country.

Komptech is glad to welcome MK Waste as a service partner, and wishes it the best of success. Together we’re making Czechia and Slovakia a little bit greener!

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