Norweian company “Geminor waste to energy” in the Haugesund region treats about 150,000 tonnes of waste every year. They used to use almost exclusively high-speed shredders. But not any more.

November 10, 2017

The company is part of the Geminor AS group and has worked since 2004 in trading with and treating all types of combustible waste. “In the past we almost exclusively used service providers with high speed shredders to process the annual 150,000 tonnes of material we get each year from Norway,” says Kjetil Vikingstad, founder, owner, and director of the company. His life revolves around waste treatment, almost around the clock. What free time he has, he spends running, hiking and kayaking.

New solutions
After seeing a presentation of a Komptech line consisting of a low-speed shredder and the new Multistar One, Vikingstad decided to invest in his own equipment for the first time. “We want to become independent of service providers and go in new, innovative directions. The high-speed shredders frequently gave us problems with the enormous amounts of dust they produce. There would also often be stoppages due to contraries in the wood. Despite pre-sorting, the waste wood we get has lots of metal in it.”

The right decision
In June 2017 a line made up of a Terminator and a Multistar One went into operation in Karmøy. In addition to 20,000 tonnes of material that Geminor treats itself, the site gets another 10,000 tonnes of preshredded waste wood for further treatment. “Most of the shredded material goes by ship to customers in Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland,” says Vikingstad of his sales markets. “We have found that throughput with high-speed shredders is higher than with the new line. But the new line gives higher quality material. And customers want higher quality with less fines and contraries.” Vikingstad is optimistic: “The next twelve months will show that we absolutely made the right decision.”

A good partnership
He is equally positive about the relationship with Norwegian Komptech Gitmark. “The guys at Gitmark do an outstanding job. They immediately set us up with an interim machine. Sales rep Thomas Helle knows the business very well and he always gives us excellent advice.” Vikingstad takes a look ahead: “We might need to replace more high-speed shredders with Komptech equipment.”