Our backbone: Operations

Even the best ideas can be successful only with professional execution. Komptech bundles all the functions necessary for this in Operations.

June 01, 2021

As the company’s largest functional unit, Operations encompasses everything from Research & Development, Sourcing, Logistics and Production to Quality Assurance. Across departments, these functions are distributed among three locations Frohnleiten, Oelde and Ljutomer.

Therefore, the Operations Department is the backbone of our success, and at the heart is the R&D at the Expertise Centres. Here, specialists in mechanical engineering, electronics, software development and applications technology work on full-coverage solutions.

At Komptech, Supply Chain Management means the coordination of the entire logistics chain from supplier to final customer. Careful supplier selection, the enormous specialist knowledge of our employees, and a modern stock management system ensure that we can react flexibly to individual wishes, and that our customers get the ideal solutions for their requirements.

Our motto “Innovative solutions for higher customer benefit”
Innovation is also evident in our production operations, for example with our welding robots or the semiautomatic painting station. We always keep an eye on the efficiency of our manufacturing processes, to ensure on-time production in top quality. All of our locations are fully networked with each other, so that with us you truly get everything from a single source.