Out of the shop and into the black

Green Care Mulching boosts its bottom line by replacing breakdown-prone high-speed grinders with dependable Crambos.

November 12, 2018

Green Care Mulching is well-known throughout the state of Victoria in Australia. Where formerly their trucks were transporting high-speed grinders, today they are principally seen carrying Crambo directs from Komptech. We spent the morning with Russell Norton, co-owner of Green Care Mulching, to learn about why he decided to incorporate the Komptech Crambo shredder into his business.

About two years ago Russell was tired of seeing his grinders parked in the workshop for repairs instead of out grinding. Russell showed us a few samples of the contamination that had been through his grinders: Radiators, steel plate, part of a differential, an 80-kilogram flywheel, sledgehammer heads. “Because we travel from site to site, we don’t have control over the feedstock,” said Russell.

We asked him how he ended up switching to Crambos. He said, “I had heard about low-speed shredders from people in the industry. At first I was put off by the name. ‘Why would I want something slow?’ But now the only complaint that I have about the Crambo is the description. It should be called a high torque shredder.”

“I wanted to see a Crambo in person. I travelled to the other end of the state to see a unit working. I watched it for 10 minutes as it ground through wet, slimy, thick, chunky green waste. It never missed a beat. We saw the contamination going through it. There was no bang. I said to my guys ‘Oh my God! This is what we’ve been looking for!’”

“I was so impressed by what I saw that I didn’t even bother looking at other brands. I called up Craig Cosgrove and we developed a relationship quickly. He explained to me about ELB Equipment’s stock of spare parts and their branches all over the country. Backup is important to me, so that really sealed the deal.”

Contract grinding is at the core of Green Care Mulching’s business, and Crambo shredders have revolutionized that.“With the Crambo we’re burning around 30 litres per hour and the teeth typically last 400 hours. Our cost to grind has come down so much”, explains Russell. But they have not only reduced their operating costs and downtime, because they can charge lower rates they have expanded their customer base and so picked up additional work that they once might not have known about.

When asked about changes for the future, Russell says “wood chips. The market values wood chips about ten times higher than mulch. I am really keen to take a look at the Axtor as a dualpurpose chipper and grinder. If I can run the Axtor as a grinder when I have to and as a chipper when I get the right opportunities, it’ll suit my operations perfectly.”

“Craig Cosgrove and the team have been very helpful. They are always there to take my calls and help out with technical issues.”