Payback time

UK company A.W. Jenkinson cuts fuel bill by 200 percent with new Komptech compost turner and doubles its productivity this way.

October 25, 2013

A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products is widely active in the processing and distribution of a wide variety of wood products across the UK. The Cumbria-based company runs a fleet of over 550 vehicles and handles over 2.8 million tonnes of material each year.
As the demand for peat-free compost grows, it has become increasingly important for A.W. Jenkinson to process its rows of 0-10 millimetre bark fines more efficiently. Following a malfunction of the machine previously used to aerate the compost, A.W. Jenkinson approached Finning, the UK Komptech dealer, about a new windrow turner.

Sales support made the difference
Commenting on the deal, Robert Jenkinson, Production and Operations Manager at A.W. Jenkinson said, “The sales support was excellent, and they recommended the optimal machine and modifications after a comprehensive review of our site at Clifton Moor. The partnership between Finning and Komptech was also an important factor in this deal. The nearest Finning depot is about 40 minutes from our site, so the quality of the machine, combined with the service coverage offered by Finning, really gave us the confidence to progress with this investment.”

Doing more in less time at lower cost
The Topturn X53 acquired by A.W. Jenkinson is equipped with tracks as opposed to wheels, to cope with the uneven surfaces where the machine will be in operation. It can process up to 5,000 cubic meters of product per hour and it has been using only 20 litres of fuel to turn the 7,500-8,000 cubic meters of bark fines on site at any one time, in approximately 90 minutes. This compares to the 110 litres of fuel needed to run the old unit for the full day required to process the same quantity of composting material.
Discussing the A.W. Jenkinson investment in Komptech equipment, Julian Lamb, Strategic Account Manager for Finning said: “The Topturn X53 will make a big difference to the bottom line of the company and the payback will be swift. The fuel savings alone are significant, thanks in part to the specially configured CAT® C9 engine.”
The environmental implications of the deal are also significant. A.W. Jenkinson is a leading supplier of peat-free compost, and the improvement in its productivity will increase the availability of a higher quality environmentally friendly product, as an alternative to traditional peat-based compost.

Full service partnership
Following its acquisition of exclusive dealership rights to sell and service the full range of Komptech products, Finning can now offer full end-to-end service for the waste sector. The combination of Caterpillar and Komptech equipment and the comprehensive nationwide service coverage provided by the largest fleet of mobile engineers in the industry, give Finning a significant advantage over competitors in the waste industry.