Perfect chipping
without compromises

At the KWF Conference, the world’s largest forestry demonstration fair, Komptech will show the Axtor and the Chippo, two machines that are ideal for the precision chipping of forestry residue and trunks. In addition to their outstanding performance features, these machines also share a unique contrary-resistance feature.

May 19, 2016

From 9 to 12 June 2016 the 17th KWF Conference will be held in Roding, Germany. It is the most important international industry gathering of the year, due in no small part to the live, real-world demonstrations held there. Size reduction of forestry residue and trunks is more and more important, as the demand for quality biomass continues to grow.

Axtor: Chipping and shredding in a single machine

Komptech has been paying close attention to this subject for some years, and with the high-speed Axtor has brought a machine series to market whose careful design more than meets any requirement. Its long feed area open to the front enables loading from both sides. Aggressive intake and a wide chain conveyor provide positive feed into the chipping area even with bulky material. One unusual feature of the Axtor is the way it can operate in either shredder or chipper mode. In shredder mode it generates material for composting, while in lower-speed chipper mode it makes fuel for heating plants.

Chippo: The perfect drum chipper
The mobile chippers in the Chippo series are configured for optimum chip quality. Two horizontal and two vertical intake rollers provide sure material capture and positive feed to the chipping drum. The long blade advance gives an even chip shape with minimum fines, of inestimable value considering the chip quality customers expect today. High-performance discharge systems, either by conveyor to protect the material or by variable-speed blower, contribute to high throughput

Patented contrary resistance
Optional on the Chippo and standard equipment on the fixed-blade Axtor is a patented contrary resistance system that prevents major damage from large rocks or pieces of metal. When the blade encounters a contrary it can't deal with, a shear bolt in the blade mounting gives way so that the blade can swing away. In combination with economical blades, this reduces costs and downtime to a minimum. Already used successfully for several years on the Axtor, this feature now also makes the Chippo more contrary-resistant.

We are looking forward to seeing you!