Perfect chipping

Still in great shape after almost 11,000 operating hours. To Matthias Möller, his Chippo 5010 Cd is the ideal drum chipper.

November 05, 2014

2014 is a triple anniversary year for Matthias Möller and his forestry company in Willingen, Germany. First came his 30th birthday. Then the 10th anniversary of his company's founding. And then his Chippo 5010 Cd passed the 10,000 operating hour mark. For Möller that’s not a problem at all; on the contrary, it shows just how tough this mobile drum chipper is. Built by the Austrian-German Komptech company, it's designed for long service. "It does over 2500 operating hours per year, not every chipper can handle that, and the work is anything but easy," says Möller. He is thoroughly familiar with the stresses and strains a chipper is subjected to in operation.

"Sweetie" in continuous use
Thomas Fischer, a long-time employee of Matthias Möller, is normally the only one at the company who gets to run the Chippo. He calls it "schätzchen" (sweetie). If Fischer is away, Möller is the only substitute operator. "This arrangement has worked out very well. Thomas is very careful with “his” machine, and keeps up with the maintenance intervals. He also operates the chipper in a very material-saving way," adds Möller with a laugh.
This 5010 Cd was the first mobile Chippo Komptech brought on the market in this configuration. There have been no major breakdowns so far. "If something gets stuck, Komptech took care of it without us needing to be after them or complain about anything," says Möller approvingly of the way Komptech's technicians always respond quickly in case of problems.

Economy, high performance, top chip quality
As far as Matthias Möller is concerned, the Chippo 5010 Cd is still the idea machine for his needs and those of his no less demanding customers. "The three axle chassis makes the Chippo very manoeuvrable, so it's easy to use on narrow forest roads. That means tight spaces present no problem, but we're still very flexible and can be on-site quickly. It's very economical to run. We've measured the consumption at an average of 35 litres of diesel per hour, which is more than outstanding given the sometimes very demanding working conditions. Throughput is also good - up to 220 cubic metres per hour are always possible. And finally, most importantly for me the quality of the chips is second to none. Even with sub-optimal input material, there is still a very low fines component. That's what makes this different from other chippers."

"It's this quality that sets the Chippo apart," says Möller. He might soon be looking for a successor to his trusty chipper - and why not a new Komptech Chippo, that could work another 10,000 operating hours problem-free?