Polish luck

Waste treatment association in Lubartow in eastern Poland uses dark green machine park

September 18, 2017

The waste treatment association in Lubartow, Poland is responsible for collection and treatment of waste from several area towns. In December 2016 the association’s treatment plant began operations, using a machine park prominently featuring Komptech’s dark green machines – a mobile Crambo for all-purpose shredding, a Terminator 2200 S, and a Ballistor for ballistic separation.
Some time before, association representatives had seen a demonstration of Komptech machines at a trade show in Katowice. Liking what they saw, they asked around to see what other users in Poland were saying about the brand. Contact with Komptech’s Polish sales office Agrex Eco, and visits to other plants, finally sealed the deal.

Glad to go green
Plant director Marian Olesiejuk is quite satisfied with the decision to go with green. “We haven’t ever used anything else, so we don’t have any basis for direct comparison, but all the other uses we’ve spoken to have been happy with Komptech.” Then he mentions a teething problem: “The only issue we’ve come up against was ash in the waste during the winter, which clogged the Ballistor. But we installed a screen that took care of that.”
The rated capacity of the plant is 37,000 tonnes per year, and in the first half-year of operation it processed 10,000 tonnes. Olesiejuk’s goal is to reach full capacity, and so as of July the plant is working two shifts.
At Lubartow they’re so happy with the choice of Komptech that they are taking part in a contest for best structural investment on both sides of the EU’s eastern border. We’re crossing our fingers!