Quality before quantity

IFAT: For Komptech, this year's IFAT was a complete success. Great interest in new products, detailed and specific customer talks, and high attendance by German and Austrian users marked this very positive event.

Press Release, May 19, 2014

Over 60 percent of industry visitors to the Komptech booth came from the "home markets" of Germany and Austria, showing how interested and open these users are to Komptech's machines and product developments. Of course they did more than just look; they had many detailed questions about individual machines, which led to very promising discussions from Komptech's point of view.

Interest in new machines and targeted talks with users

It is noteworthy that visitor interest in the various technologies developed by Komptech reflects these technologies' shares in the company's revenue to a large degree. Nearly 60 percent of visitors were interested in shredding, about 30 percent in screening and separation, and about 15 percent specifically in composting technology.
Interest in new products was just as high. The new Axtor 6010 and Crambo direct are two of the machines in the new green efficiency® innovation line. These were the stars of the show, but that didn't mean that Komptech's other offerings played only bit parts. The new Topturn X, the Cribus and Nemus series trommels and the Multistar star screens also attracted plenty of interest and were the focus of much discussion.
The VDMA Practice Days were also a big draw. High attendance combined with top performance by the Crambo 6200 direct (shredding green cuttings) and the Axtor 6010 (chipping trunk wood) made this a complete success.
Komptech's conclusion is that quality trumps quantity, not just in terms of its own technology, but also for this year's IFAT.