Recycling AKTIV:
Sophisticated shredders

From 5 to 7 September 2019 the double trade fair RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE will again be held in Karlsruhe. Visit us at booth F324 and experience the Terminator and Axtor in daily demonstrations.

September 04, 2019

The new Terminator Type V: Flexible in the best sense of the word
The new Terminator Type V is one of the most comprehensive new developments. “V” stands for “versatile” and refers not just to the materials the machine can process, but also to its many possible applications. From the technical point view, the newly developed Terminator Type V is a line extension, i.e. a new version of the existing U, F, and XXF shredders. The modular idea played a major role in development, and the ability to easily replace all major components was designed in from the beginning. Our development engineers succeeded in integrating all future variants in the basic layout. This ensures maximum flexibility, since by putting together the right components we can set up a machine exactly for the customer’s requirements. 

Chipping and shredding with just one machine
The Axtor is an all-purpose shredder that can also chip, making it very flexible for processing wood and green cuttings. In shredder mode with free-swinging teeth it makes composting material, while in chipper mode with fixed blades and lower speed it makes biomass fuel that is ideal for heating plants. With a 456 HP engine the Axtor 4510 is a balanced package with exactly the performance and economy that its target group is looking for.

Highlights at the RecyclingAKTIV
The Axtor 4510 and Terminator Type V - two shredders that deliver high performance, productivity, and flexible processing capabilities - can be seen live at the topic area wood & biomass. Further information is available at our booth F324.