Relationship Status: Green for go!

Our monitoring and communication technology "Connect!" makes it much easier for users to keep tabs on their machines. Stefan Blümel is one of the first to use Connect! and he is very happy with the “longdistance relationship.”

August 16, 2018

“It works great. Everything is green for go.” Stefan Blümel is happy because he just checked on the condition of his Crambo 6200 direct and on how the work is going. “I can see that the operator has been on the job for four hours. The fuel tank is still over half full. On average we use 38.5 litres of diesel per hour, which means that we’ll get through the day on this tank without any problems.”

Always on site, live
Stefan Blümel is one of the first users to work with Connect!. As a service provider for waste wood and green cuttings processing, he has machines at several sites in eastern and southern Austria. “Today I happened to be in the area so I could take a look at things in person,” says Blümel, “but often our operators and their machines are hundreds of kilometres away from headquarters, sometimes for weeks at a time. Connect! is naturally a great advantage.”

“With Connect! I know what’s going on at any time.” - Stefan Blümel


More efficient working
With Connect! our customers have the perfect tool to boost efficiency. Work sessions can be precisely documented, with exact information on operating conditions, consumption and idle time, allowing further tuning of the machine for optimum economy. Faster, coordinated repairs increase availability while also helping the manufacturer and Service providers plan technician visits for maximum user benefit. Blümel recalls: “A little over a month ago I found out through Connect! that the Crambo had suddenly stopped running – something was wrong with the engine. But before I even got around to contacting them, Komptech customer service reached out to me and together we analysed the problem. Shortly thereafter a Service technician arrived at the site. Since he already knew what the problem was, he could deal with it quickly.

How it works
Connect! is specifically designed for Komptech machines and their use environment. The Connect! hardware module is integrated into the machine and connected to the central control unit. The module reports events, diagnosis codes, and data on operating hours, fuel consumption, idle time etc. by mobile radio to a central data server. The webbased Connect! software application provides the data to users, dealers, sales partners and the manufacturer for further use. Connect! can be used on PCs, laptops, tablets and Smartphones. As of 1 January 2018 Connect! has been factory-installed in new Crambo, Terminator, Axtor, Topturn, Cribus, Nemus, Multistar L3 and Hurrifex machines.