Semitrailer versions for Cribus and Nemus

From now on semitrailer versions for the Cribus 2800/3800 and Nemus 2700 are available.

December 30, 2013

In recent years the number of semitrailers on the road has increased noticeably. Today, many haulers have tractor-trailers, as do many plant operators in their own vehicle pools.
There is a demand for this transportation configuration, so we’re meeting it with semitrailer versions of the Cribus and Nemus series.
Unlike the existing central-axle trailer machines, the Cribus 2800 and 3800 do not have a movable axle unit. It requires only our patented fines conveyor repositioning system. The axle at the rear puts more weight on the rear axle of the truck, making for stabler handling. Since there is almost no overhang, the risk of tipping backwards is much lower. There is also an optional larger hopper for more loading volume (up to 8m³)
At the Nemus 2700 a higher loading on the rear axle of the truck makes for better handling and the shorter machine length makes shunting easier. The hopper volume and screening area are the same as on the centre axle trailer version.

Benefits and differences
(as compared to the centre axle trailer versions)

  • Better handling during transfers because of the higher load on the tractor rear axles
  • Minimal overhang at the rear reduces the danger of tipping back
  • The hopper pre-screen need not be removed for transport, but can remain in place on the machine
  • More compact (shorter overall length) for the same hopper size
  • Without a generator, the hopper volume and loading area length are greater (Cribus only)
  • Optional larger loading hopper (1.5 m³ more) makes work go more smoothly (Cribus only)