For 30 years GETAG Entsorgungs-Technik AG in Switzerland has been all about the more sustainable use of resources.

March 04, 2021

This medium-sized sales enterprise offers companies, associations and municipalities machine solutions for the transportation, recycling and disposal of solid waste, and also assists customers by providing comprehensive service. GETAG and Komptech have worked closely together as partners for some 20 years.

“Ideas for Waste” is the GETAG motto, and as CEO Yvan Grepper explains, “In matters of waste disposal, processes and machines are a big part of it, but only part. Know-how and creativity make up the rest.” The company therefore offers not just machines, but also user training, maintenance, and troubleshooting service, and keeps an extensive stock of spare parts on hand. With 22 employees, GETAG is one of the largest providers of its kind in Switzerland. Grepper: “Our service organization is our winning card. We can react very quickly. We’re at the site the next day by the latest and already have the necessary spare parts with us.”

“Our goal is to make the world a little greener.” – Yvan Grepper

Shared success

Seven years ago degreed engineer Yvan Grepper took over operation of the family company from its founder, his father Peter Grepper. Today GETAG AG is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. “Many of our customers have been loyal to us for years. They have come to expect reliable machines and high-quality service from us,” says Grepper. In order to provide this above-average level of service, the company regularly offers training and continued education for its employees. Whenever possible, GETAG technicians deepen their knowledge directly at the machine manufacturers’ facilities. Grepper particularly likes Komptech’s training programme. He notes, “Our relationship with Komptech is one of partnership, and is very, very constructive. They have clearly structured improvement processes in the event of technical issues. That helps us with our Swiss customers, who greatly appreciate it when their feedback is taken seriously and if possible incorporated into future machine series.”

It all started with a Terminator
Komptech’s constant desire to improve its products brought the two companies together some 20 years ago. Peter Grepper drove to Austria to see the first Komptech Terminator, which at that time was still under testing. But its performance didn’t convince him, and he discussed his suggestions for improvement with Komptech technicians. They incorporated the ideas into the machine, and the modified version was shown to a Swiss customer. The demonstration went well, but the customer also had some change requests. Komptech agreed to respond and the customer immediately ordered the machine. That same customer now has the fifth machine at his site. Yvan Grepper: “Switzerland has a fragmented disposal structure. It’s simply not economical to run multiple machines for at most 20,000 or 30,000 tonnes of material. As an all-rounder, the Terminator is the perfect solution for the Swiss market.” He adds with laugh, “Measured by area and population, Switzerland probably has the highest density of Terminators in the world.”

A look ahead
Yvan Grepper considers both his own company and Komptech well equipped for future collaboration. As environmental rules tighten, GETAG is very glad that Komptech is investing in electrification and efficiency improvements for their machines. Grepper also welcomes the Komptech Rental programme, and intends to offer it to Swiss customers in the coming year. “I’m convinced that together, every day we can make the world a little greener,” he says.