Simply the best technology

The following two examples show that a Komptech drum screen like the Nemus can also be an asset for mineral screening, despite or perhaps because of its “greenness.”

December 19, 2018

Komptech can do more than just green, there are many other areas where the company’s long experience and superior technology give it an edge. Mineral screening is the application in this story, that we’ll tell together with Steven Probst, our representative in southwestern Germany. We went with him to visit two users in the Mannheim-Ludwigshafen area, where the Nemus 2700 is showing what it can do.

The first work site is at the Mannheim harbour, we visit the recycling yard of Baustoffe Rhein-Neckar GmbH. Owner and manager Thomas Lück takes the time to show us the Nemus 2700 he purchased new in November 2016. At its own site the company process mineral raw materials from a wide variety of sources. Lück says that quality is the first priority: “The better sorted the materials are when we get them, the better we can process them into high-quality final products.”

“The Nemus has run over 800 hours without any major problems,” says Lück. The screen is used with 10 mm and 35 mm screens for presorted demolition waste and excavated soil to get cable bedding sand, substrate and topsoil. How did he come to choose the Nemus?“ The good reputation of Komptech was a very important criterion, as it also means a lot of experience in technical implementation. And I really liked the size of the screening area. That plus the drum bearings, problem-free drive and especially the simple drum change drove the ultimate decision. Ease of maintenance, extensive standard equipment, well thought-out solutions like the lubrication system and easy cleaning – our experience with the screener has confirmed the rightness of the decision.”

In among the different yellow-brown soil mixes stands a Nemus 2700. We’re in the outdoor storage area of Plant I of Scherer & Kohl GmbH & Co KG, a long-established company that is known far and wide. Markus Bien, operations manager and authorized company officer, accompanies us. The Nemus has run about 200 hours without major issues, screening various soil fractions to a 40 millimetre screen cut in order to reclaim mineral components. The excavated earth the company takes in is mostly sandy or silty with low cohesive content. Before deciding on the Nemus the company tested several different drum screens at the site. Bien says that the Nemus worked out best.

“We also had some learning to do, for instance with the settings, and found that without a hopper pre-screen you can’t just feed paving slabs or entire foundations into the drum. But with hopper pre-screening that is no longer an issue.” As in our first example, the screening area of over 30 square metres was more than convincing. “In the first test we put cohesive railway gravel through it, and the Nemus gave us 60 percent usable output. No other machine could have done that.”

In his experience, wet or damp input material can be dealt with as long as it has a grainy or sandy basic substance to it. In this context, Bien has some very good things to say about working with Komptech. “We had several questions about how the Nemus could be better configured to our needs. Komptech was very willing to look into it. They even sent design people out to us to discuss our suggestions in detail. That will lead to modifications and improvements which will benefit other users.”