Stay cool

The Crambo 5000 truck makes short work of hard wood, despite high temperatures and plenty of dust. An in-use report from Chile.

July 01, 2013

Chile is a special country. It extends from the Pacific coast to the Andes. That plus its mineral resources and a friendly population have made it a wealthy country. Recently Chile discovered a new resource: Biomass.

A new resource
Trunk wood from Chilean forests has long been in demand as a raw material for the domestic and foreign paper industry, but biomass as an energy source was only discovered recently. Diego Gerardo Sprenger Rochette, CEO of Servicios Portuarios Reloncavi Ltd., is at home in this new market. In an interview he said, “we’ve been talking about biomass for only a few years, but interest in the subject is growing fast in Chile.” Reloncavi Ltd. is the largest producer of biomass in Chile and perhaps even in all of South America, and Diego Sprenger is a little bit proud of that.

Cool machine
He’s also proud of his new Crambo 5000 truck. He took delivery of it in early 2013. This low-speed shredder is a good fit for processing biomass under difficult Chilean conditions. It’s tough and contrary-resistant, dependable and low-maintenance. It also has a unique advantage over any and all competitors - an external radiator with a significantly higher cooling performance compared to common truck radiators. This means the Crambo 5000 truck always shreds at top power. The operator has no loss of income due to down time for radiator cleaning, and no extra costs for extra maintenance. Instead, the minimal clogging results in very long radiator service intervals.

After the dust
In the evening, the machine might look dusty, but the engine never had any problem with it. It’s time for Diego Sprenger to enjoy a cool beer. The Crambo truck doesn’t need one - it has its own external radiator.