Successful Partnership

For almost 20 years Anlagenbau Günther and Komptech have had a successful collaboration that has resulted in many innovations in screening and separation technology. It’s good reason to extend the collaboration long-term and so drive the growth of star screening worldwide.

Press Release, October 30, 2020

Partner expertise in recycling machinery 

The Anlagenbau Günther company has existed for over 90 years and can look back on more than 30 years of experience in recycling, many of them in close association with Komptech. The development of star screen technology set new standards on the market for preparing compost, waste wood and biomass for further processing. Today Multistar star screens are essential parts of many processing lines. “We always look ahead, and make preparations in good time so that we are ready for the future,” said CEO Bernhard Günther of Anlagenbau Günther. These words were followed by action. Last year his company undertook a major expansion of its production facility, along with improvements to its spare parts warehouse and logistics operation. This improves efficiency and enables it to react even faster to customer requests. The company is now in a great position from which, together with Komptech, it can look to the future and work on new technologies for the waste processing industry.

Successful worldwide collaboration

The two companies have been jointly developing and marketing products for screening and separating since 2003. This very successful and long-lasting collaboration has given rise to many new products and innovations, each time making the Multistar series still better and more compelling. 
The division of labour remains unchanged. Komptech is responsible for worldwide sales and service, including all marketing activities, while Günther does the ongoing development and production of star screens, so that together the two companies maintain the market leadership they have attained. A special focus is stationary and systems technology, an area in which both companies have recently greatly expanded their product portfolios. Currently their products are sold in over 70 countries, and that number is growing. The same goes for the number of star screen users – and as waste processing continues to become more professional in many parts of the world, there is great potential for further growth. 
Both companies appreciate the excellent cooperation and mutual trust that characterizes their relationship, and look forward to continuing their day to day teamwork into the future.