The EcoBois Recyclage SA company run by Stefan Studer and Partners is picturesquely situated in Vétroz near Sion in the Swiss canton of Wallis, where environmental protection is a major priority.

November 30, 2015

 Studer has been in business for over 30 years. In addition to his recycling company, he also runs two sizeable farms with over 50 horses and other livestock. The environment was always important to him, so it was natural to get into municipal environmental protection. He started out with a single machine, offering services to townships and undertaking his first attempts at composting. He turned out to be good at it, and business grew apace. In 2004 he and some partners started EcoBois Recyclage SA in Vétroz. The company site has since expanded to cover 20,000 square meters.

New equipment
For years, Stefan Studer worked with high-speed shredders and competitor screeners. “It worked OK for composting, but not for waste wood,” he recalls. Studer switched to low-speed shredders for that, and has two of them in his machine park, having recently added a direct-drive Crambo 5200. “Good machines make good compost, plus, big machines are a lot cheaper to run,” is his philosophy. “What’s more, only the Crambo gives satisfactory results with waste wood.”

A broad perspective
These days Studer and Partners work 25,000 tonnes of green waste and 10,000 tonnes of waste wood each year, serving 70 townships. Each year the site also gets around 75,000 on-site customers. “Some of the compost goes to organic farming and to vinyards,” says Studer. He thinks ecologically, which is only natural since he’s a member of the Wallis Cantonal Environmental Commission, and a member of the board of Biomasse Suisse where he is the speaker for the Romandie region.

New ideas
Studer got the idea for a biogas plant and biomass coogeneration plant in 2006, and started making biogas in 2014. “Our experience has been that pretreatment for anaerobic digestion only works well with the low-speed shredder,” he says. The piles of waste wood he gets cry out for a biomass power plant, and one is already in planning. Studer explains, “we’re looking at a two-stage shred, with preshredding by a low-speed machine and postshredding with a high-speed machine.” He also has big plans for his composting operation. “Ecobois has purchased 75,000 square meters for expansion stages,” he says with pride.

Customer service makes the difference
The availability of his machine park is a major factor for Studer. “It’s not just about the price for a machine. It’s more about good service if something does go wrong,” he notes. “And that’s where Komptech’s Swiss distributor GETAG comes in. They’re really the best partner you could ask for,” he says in praise of the relationship. So the future outlook is good.