The bio all-rounder

Biowaste disposal company Lengel handles every kind of organic waste. The company takes anything compostable and turns it into valuable products for gardening and landscaping. It separates out contraries from wet and energy-rich organic waste, which it then processes into biogas and liquid fertilizer.

February 27, 2012

When Stefan Lengel got into composting in 1988, people smiled. But the company grew quickly. He started with just one employee on small plot, but with hard work, tenacity and careful attention to market conditions, Stefan Lengel was able to become established in the emerging Austrian composting industry.
The high quality of his products brought him a good reputation. And no wonder - Lengel had much experience from his parents' gardening and landscaping business. Today his business is on a solid footing, with everything a modern, state-of-the-art composting operation needs. Designed to handle 15,000 tonnes per annum, the facility turns organic waste and green cuttings into valuable compost for gardening soil, roof garden substrate, turf substrate and special earths to customer specification. The company also makes biofuels. Using a Crambo, it shreds suitable fractions of trunks, tree, limb and shrub cuttings, screens them and sells the output to biomass heating plants in the surrounding area.

Wet waste becomes biogas
Under the name "Marchfelder Bioenergie", for years the company has operated an anaerobic digestion facility for organic waste from the food industry, restaurants and source-separated organic waste. The material is first pulped, during which contraries are automatically removed. The resulting homegeneous, pumpable material is then wet fermented. This process is very efficient in terms of energy output, while the residue has the ideal composition for liquid fertilizer. When operating at capacity the facility produces 360 kW of electricity that it sells to the Vienna grid. The approximately 10,000 cubic metres of liquid waste it produces each year is sold as fertilizer.

Stefan Lengel is Austria's first all-round organic disposal operator. He offers a major advantage to customers and the environment, in that virtually all organic waste, whether green cuttings, organics, or food waste, can be disposed of in the most economic and ecologically beneficial manner.