The new L3
Leading through innovation

For Komptech, the new Multistar L3 is a further improvement of its line of Multistar star screens. As always, superior customer utility is at the centre of this innovative redesign.

October 22, 2014

The Multistar L3 is one of the most successful star screens on the market. And it's easy to see why. High throughput across a wide range of applications, combined with the patented CLEANSTAR® cleaning system for an outstanding degree of separation even with wet materials, make it the most capable machine in its class. And then there's its impressive energy efficiency, which is more and more important in this day and age. All machine components are electrically driven. The power can come from the grid for the lowest cost, or from the on-board generator where grid power isn’t available.
So far so good - but Komptech wouldn't be the technology leader it is if we didn't continue to improve our machines, to make them more efficient and thereby "greener" in line with the company philosophy. The ideas come from partners and customers who notice just what can be improved in the course of their daily work.

New design offers new possibilities
The new L3 has exactly the same screen dimensions and so the same high throughput as its predecessor. The new features boost operating flexibility and simplify maintenance. Thus, cover panels don't just protect the components inside, they also serve as access doors for full access to all maintenance points. Other highlights include a cassette configuration of the screen decks for rapid changes, adding flexibility. The screen drive components are tougher, the fines discharge system has been redesigned, and the control setup is even more intuitive.

Multistar – multifunctional as well as clean
As before, the new Multistar L3 can be fitted with numerous options that expand its range of applications. This includes a longer coarse screen deck, wind sifter for the medium and coarse conveyors, hydraulic engine unit extension, magnetic and roller separator on the discharge conveyors, and much more.

Komptech green efficiency® products are distinguished by their outstanding energy efficiency and minimal noise and exhaust emissions. Generator motors complying with the latest exhaust scrubbing regulations are available for the L3 and all other Komptech star screens. Accordingly, all will now bear the green efficiency® logo.