The organic waste processing experts

For years now, the European Union has discussed the mandatory separate collection of organic waste. Thus far it has not been implemented, but there is no other way to meet the targets of the EU framework landfill and waste guideline. Komptech is very well positioned to make use of opportunities in this area, since the company offers processing technology for both recycling and energy extraction from organic waste.

March 14, 2014

Long experience in composting
It was not entirely by chance that Komptech started in 1992, since that was the year that the Austrian province of Styria became one of the first regions in Europe to introduce separate collection of biodegradable waste. That created new material streams that needed processing in order reclaim valuable raw materials from them.
A compost turner, the Topturn, was Komptech’s first machine for this new market, and others quickly followed. Shredding machines came on board in 1997, followed by screeners in 1999. Soon, biomass processing with chippers and wood shredders became the company’s focus of interest. The products were refined and improved from year to year, always with an eye on user requirements. Thus, the company built a stable of mobile and stationary machines for shredding, separating and screening all kinds of material categories, as well as removing undesirable contraries.
The fund of expertise Komptech has built up over the years is probably unique. From its origins in "just" composting technology - as the name Komptech would imply - the company has grown to cover everything from anaerobic digestion to extract energy to the processing of woody materials for use as biomass fuel, and much more besides.

The best technology, the widest expertise, the most knowledgeable advice
Experts predict that the use of organic waste for energy is poised to become much more widespread.
Biomass can be processed entirely with Komptech machines from start to finish. Axtor, Crambo, Chippo, Multistar, Topturn and Stonefex – from chipping, shredding, screening and turning to stone removal, the company’s technology can handle many different feedstocks (like rootstocks or green cuttings) and turn out a perfect end product. Solid, system and objective-specific consulting is also part of Komptech’s customer-focused range of services.
Komptech can also provide sophisticated technology for wet or dry anaerobic digestion. Organic waste is generally very heterogeneous and often packed. The Crambo two-shaft shredder reduces everything to under a target particle size and makes sure that bags and other enclosures are opened. Screening of wet materials with a star screen from the Multistar series is another step in ensuring a high-quality, clean digestion residue as an end product. Komptech also offers complete anaerobic digestion systems.
And of course, there's composting. Whether open windrow composting of green cuttings or the indoor composting of organic waste, whether stationary or mobile, small or large-scale, Komptech's long experience in "traditional" composting ensures the right selection of machinery. Machine families that serve this market are the Crambo, Multistar, Topturn X, Cribus, Nemus and naturally the Hurrikan, working together to turn out a homogeneous, hygienic compost product. They are used in agriculture, gardening and landscaping and by soil and substrate companies.
Regardless of the feedstock and target output, in all of these areas Komptech's knowledge and experience bring dividends. In this industry as much as any, business success and work efficiency depend greatly on the right choice of process and machine. It takes experience and objective, customer-centric advice to weigh all the pros and cons, and make the right decision. Komptech is the right partner for the job.